2017 started out with a bang! On New Years day a friend from another rescue was at the (closed) shelter picking up supplies and met an older man in the parking lot. He had found a dog who was bleeding, raw, and had nails so long they were starting to curl under. The man did not know how to help her, but we sure did! Gloria came into our rescue where we nursed her back to health. Her skin healed, we dealt with environmental allergies and soon she flourished. Her skin was beautiful! Gloria stayed in our rescue for quite some time awaiting to find the perfect home, someone who understood her and knew she would need skin and arthritis care for the rest of her life. Almost a year to the day, Gloria finally found her forever home where she gets to live with not only another dog…but children who she loves dearly.


Rory came to us as a 6 month old pup from Hillsborough county. The shelter had sent an urgent plea for her as she had severe demodex. Her face, legs, neck, etc were so swollen and full of fluid. She was quickly put on antibiotics. Rory had a sweet but lazy personality, she enjoyed walks but not as far as her foster siblings, and loved occasionally playfully chasing the resident cat. After several months in foster Rory was finally adopted and now has a wonderful family of her own!


In the beginning of January 2017 we were volunteering at the local shelter when we came across a big momma dog, we took her out of her kennel and it was love at first sight. She loved attention, being held, and to give kisses. 
Maggie ended up coming to us with a few medical issues, she had been pregnant at the shelter and had complications from her spay surgery. In addition she had a large mass on her leg that needed to be removed. After searching for a doctor who would take it off without removing her entire leg (the suggestion of another doctor because of the difficult location of the mass). 
While she healed she flourished in her foster home, she enjoyed the other dogs and even cats. One day when we headed to the vet to have her checked for allergies, what we didn’t know is that the staff had written “have Hannah meet maggie” on her paperwork. Hannah, the receptionist came into the room so quickly and automatically fell in love! She had been following Maggie the entire 9 months she was in foster! Next thing we knew Maggie had a forever home and was adopted by Hannah on November 9, 2017


Ally was rescued from the shelter on May 13, 2017. She had been taken from her owners by ACO. Missing almost all of her fur, heartworm positive, and a small mass on her face she came to New Life Dog Rescue. In foster she flurished, making friends with the resident dogs, swimming, even jumping off their dock. Her fur grew back, her heartworms were treated, she turned into an absolutely beautiful girl! In 2018 Ally was finally adopted, by her foster family who couldn’t bare the thought of her living anywhere but their home. Now she can be found swimming and dock diving with her forever family.


Cody came to our rescues August 4, 2017. He had been brought to the shelter by animal control after his owner threw him out of her yard, claiming he was aggressive. Cody was very sweet but also had his times where he turned into a grumpy old man dog. At 8 years old, we realized he walked very odd. After a few xrays we learned he needed an FHO surgery. He had an old injury that had never been treated. We scheduled him for surgery and at the same time, a sweet man namd Marty started calling us wanting to meet Cody. Week after week, Marty called to see how Cody was doing, making sure he was okay. Finally, after 8 weeks of crate rest Cody finally went to meet Marty and absolutely loved him! He now enjoys his time on over half an acre, running around the back yard and enjoying his new life. Cody was adopted October 30, 2017.


Patty came to New Life from Hillsborough County on October 8, 2017. We had met her after a plea went out because of her skin condition. At the time we did not have an open foster spot but once we saw she was bleeding from her inflamed skin, we knew we couldnt leave her there. Shortly after leaving the shelter Patty came down with a serious case of pneumonia. She was lethargic and had such a hard time breathing. We rushed her to the ER and they needed to drain her lungs of fluid. It was a tough couple of days thinking she may not survive, but Patty was a fighter and pulled thru! Patty being a jack Russel mix ended up having a lot of energy and needing a home that could provide her with the right structure. In June 2018 that family finally came along. A previous adopter of ours felt bad Patty had been in foster for so long and decided she would be the perfect fit for their family! Patty now enjoys daily trips to the dog park, afternoon swims, and a family who is home all day with her to get her energy out.


Lily came to us as a 4th of July stray. Her finder looked for Lily’s original owners but no one ever came forward. When we first got her you could tell she had been eating trash on the street. Over time she did so well in her foster home, even loving the 6 resident dogs! One day a family saw Lily on our website and noticed she looked so much like their resident dog! Lily went to stay with them and shortly after it was a done deal! Lily loved their other dog and their children. 


Rhea was a volunteer favorite at the shelter, a cropped ear, chunky momma bully. She was adopted but unfortunately ended up being put back up on craigslist. A volunteer saw her and we agreed take her. Rhea was an absolute sweetheart and loved other dogs. After 2 months Rhea finally found her forever home!