Last week we came across a video of Baby on theThe Furry Friends of Manatee County Animal Services Facebook page. A scared girl who was just shaking in her kennel and wanted to disappear. Our hearts automatically broke for her. She was quickly transported up to our rescue and is enjoying her time in foster. She has quickly come out of her shell, making friends with the calmer dogs in the house, and spending time cuddling on couches that are much too small for her. Baby is working on her manners such as “sit”, walking on a leash, and being housebroken. She is a quick learner! Unfortunately whoever had baby previously did not take care of her in the way she deserved and she is heartworm positive. Not to worry, she will be healed up in no time!


Bright eyes and a graying muzzle, Flaco once found himself on the euthanasia list at Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, a volunteer favorite, one of our fosters, Renee, took him home as an adopt to rehome. Though Flaco has loved living at Renee’s house and cuddling with the children, we offered to help find his forever home!

In 2016 when Flaco first found himself at the shelter he was heartworm positive and only 46lbs, since going to live with Renee he is officially heartworm negative and weighs in at a healthy 58lbs. This guy loves to run, play, and cuddle. Though Flaco loves humans of all sizes, he really wants all your attention to himself (and certainly deserves it) and would prefer to be an only pet. 


Are you looking for a happy, fun loving, hippopotamus to spend your days with? Little ivy is only 8 months old and with the shortest legs she is the cutest low rider.

Coming to us from Hillsborough County with a case of demodex, this crust girl is already starting to feel better. Ivy’s hobbies include, cuddling, playing, wrestling with other dogs, and being an all around amazing pup. With one blue eue glistening in the sun, we know she’s sure to catch someone’s attention!


Find a Penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck....

Penny is the sweetest new girl on the block who though, hasn’t always been very lucky, caught a break when she was running at large and found by a friend of one of our fosters. Though it is likely she had never been inside before, she is quickly learning the ropes.

Penny is 2-3 years old and 53lbs. She is learning how to be a real dog and learn her manners while in foster care. She is a happy go lucky girl who will make a great member of an active family