In a community where people disregard their pets and the local county high intake kill shelter is busting at the seems there comes a point where you know you need to be part of the solution. New Life Dog Rescue is a 501c3 not for profit organization that was founded in late 2015 for just that, to help dogs find their "New Life".

With 90% of the shelter being bully breeds, it comes as no surprise that our rescue is full of them. We have a special place in our heart for bully breeds, throw away momma dogs, and dogs with Demodex mange (a non-contagious skin condition) that frequently get overlooked or may end up euthanized due to their medical conditions. We open up our hearts and homes to these animals. We help them get healthy, socialized, housebroken and work with trainers to help start out on the right path to their perfect forever home.

In a perfect world, these dogs wouldn't need saving, their lives wouldn't be in jeopardy, but that isn't the world we live in and until then... we will be their voice.