Welcome to New Life Dog Rescue

Having spent the past few years fostering and rehabilitating dogs to help them become healthy and secure in life it has become apparent this is something I, and others like me, want to do for a long time to come.

Our dogs are rescued from the local shelters and brought into loving foster homes where they begin their rehabilitation and decompression from their past.   Giving them the best medical care possible and a loving environment is a huge step in getting these abandoned pups better and on their way to their forever homes.  Having concentrated on those animals that are most in need whether it be physical neglect or abuse we would like to put our rescue missions emphasis on those kinds of dogs.     Helping abandoned dogs start a new life.

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New Life Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization so any donations made are tax deductible.

All monies donated will go directly to the benefit of the dogs only and no members of New Life Dog Rescue will be paid any income.

We are always looking for new volunteers and foster families, and encourage you to come to one of our events, or contact us here, to find out more about this rewarding opportunity. Fostering saves lives!